Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We need your help! As part of our environmental policy, if you are staying more than one night we will not automatically change your bathrobe or towels. Should you wish to have fresh ones, please leave the used towels and robes in the bath or shower. Please turn your lights off when leaving the room and all appliances at the plug socket and kindly use limited water when boiling your kettle.

Our Environmental activities and achievements:

  • Since February 2015 all of the hotel’s hot water and central heating is powered by our two new 200kw Evoworld biomass boilers. These burn 6mm A grade wood pellets and will help us reduce our CO2 emissions by approximately 900 tonnes pa.
  • We have installed three electric car charging points.
  • Rain Water Harvesting. Our ponds and water we use in the Gardens come from our own boreholes.
  • We are re-establishing our vegetable garden to provide a fresh seasonal supply of vegetables, herbs, soft fruits, salads and cut flowers, all for use in the Hall.
  • One plot of the vegetable garden is gifted to the Local Primary School.
  • The Garden is being developed with the support of Thompson and Morgan.
  • We monitor all of our food waste and have strict processes to minimise that which we throw away.
  • We will soon be able to recycle the remaining food waste into accredited agricultural compost.
  • We have been accredited by “Freedom Foods” as we source 70% of our produce for the kitchen within 60 miles.
  • We recycle 12 tonnes of paper and card per year amounting to 90% of waste from this source.
  • All our paper, tissues come from 100% recycled source.
  • All our partially used soaps and shampoos are donated to the Whitechapel Mission.
  • We offer Belu Mineral Water as all profits from this product go into water conservation programmes from cleaning up the Thames to building the Korseena Dam in Jaipur District. More details available on request.
  • We have installed low energy bulbs in all our corridors and public areas and are introducing them where possible throughout the hotel.
  • We have introduced ecologically friendly detergents and cleaning products not only for our bedrooms but also in the kitchen.
  • Our bedroom toiletries are manufactured locally and produced from 100% plant extracts with no phosphates, sulphides or other harmful chemicals.
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