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Step Into The Salon And Parlour

Here at Hintelsham Hall, we have a variety of different corporate rooms for our guests to use, all with their own unique benefits and features. The Salon and Parlour rooms are some of the grandest and most picturesque rooms in the hotel full of ancient Victorian architecture dating back to when the hotel was originally built as a private estate home.

These grand rooms portray luxury and are ideal for large and celebratory events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvah’s, weddings and christenings capable of accommodating large groups of guests in one place in complete comfort. Get in touch today to find out more!

The Parlour Room

The pine panelled Parlour can seat up to 24 people on one table or 45 people on round tables of 9 and incurs a room hire of £225.

The Salon

The epitome of grandeur and elegance. This magnificent grand hall is the largest of three dining rooms seating up to 90 guests. If you are holding a private three course lunch or dinner party in this room, there is a £350 room hire fee, however we offer complimentary room hire if your numbers are 60 adults or above.*

*If you are booking a private dinner party in the Salon on a Friday or Saturday evening, there is a requirement to book at least 10 bedrooms for overnight accommodation.